*King Salman Center (KSRelief) Launches the Sacrifice Project in Yemen, Aden Governorate for the Year 2024*


_Marib – YDH media_

On Sunday, June 16, 2024 King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSRelief) Launched this morning in Marib governorate, the Sacrifice Project, implemented by Yamany Foundation for Development and Humanitarian Works (YDH).

The project benefited about 10,920 an individual in the IDPs. camps and the host community in Marib governorate with half a sacrifice per family in coordination with Executive Unit of the IDP Camps Management.

During the event , the Director of Executive Unit of the IDP Camps Management, Mr. Saif Muthanna, praised the ongoing relief interventions of the King Salman Relief Center, especially mentioning the Sacrifice Project, which helps displaced families in the governorate and alleviates the suffering of providing meat on Eid Al-Adha
He also expressed his thanks and appreciation to the brothers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for their great efforts in alleviating the suffering of the IDPs. in the governorate, and pointed out that the sacrifice project is one of the most significant projects that contribute to supporting IDPs and needy families during these holy days.

For his part, Dr. Radwan Al-Dawasi, Director of Yamany Foundation (YDH) office in Marib, explained that the governorate’s share amounted to 780 sacrifices, which were allocated to displaced families and the host community in order to bring joy to the children, women and the elderly in these camps during the holy Eid days.

The event was attended by Dr. LotF Al-Ghobari, the Relief Coordinator of the branch and the team of the center’s branch in Marib

It’s worth mentioning that project targets five governorates which are Aden, Marib, Hadhramaut, Al-Mahra, and Lahj benefiting (32,620) individual in all over the targeted governorates.


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