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المخيم الطبي المجاني الثاني عشر لإزالة المياة البيضاء وجراحة العيون - المهرة
150 عملية مجانية ( سبتمبر 2021 )

Scopes of Work

WASH (Water and Environmental Sanitation) Program

This program aims to provide access to safe drinking water for consumption, cooking, and personal hygiene. It also focuses on protecting communities from diseases caused by contaminated water, open stagnant water, and mosquitoes. This is achieved by supplying clean water suitable for drinking, cooking, and personal hygiene, in addition to implementing fogging activities.


Education Program

This program aims to create and enhance the educational environment, by equipping it with the necessary tools, supplies, and resources that facilitate learning, and fostering the development and capacity- building.

Food Security Program

This program focuses on projects aimed at alleviating human suffering and meeting the essential food needs for obtaining healthy, sufficient, and safe nutrition. The food provided has significant nutritional value suitable for all members of society, enabling them to lead healthy lives. The program works to break the cycle of poverty and reduce and mitigate the risks and challenges arising from the conflicts our country is going through. It responds by distributing food supplies in emergency situations and implementing small income-generating livelihood projects.

Humanitarian Health Program

This program works to elevate healthcare standards and provide medical services to those affected by the crisis. This is achieved by offering various specialized medical services such as surgical interventions through surgical camps, mobile clinics, primary healthcare services, dispensing medications, and conducting radiological and laboratory tests.

Community Protection Program

This program aims to protect the lives of affected individuals during emergencies and humanitarian crises. It actively collaborates with humanitarian partners to empower affected communities, reduce poverty, and enhance self-sufficiency at the individual, family, and societal levels. The program works to bridge gaps for the most vulnerable segments of society. It also aims to mitigate risks such as violence, abuse, and exploitation that women and children may face. The protection program further focuses on supporting families who have lost their breadwinners, individuals with disabilities and special needs, the elderly, and those with chronic health conditions.

. Shelter and Non-Food Items Program

This program aims to provide alternative shelter solutions, whether they are alternative housing, tents, or other means, to protect the lives of the targeted individuals and their children. It endeavors to grant them a dignified and decent life while also supplying the essential non-food items they require.

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